About the Comic

Influences and Inspiration

As you can tell, a large part of this comic's inspiration came from a certain disproportionately popular series of fantasy novels for young adults. The fantasy genre in general is also spoofed, along with the generic fantasy world of D&D. There are also a number of other webcomics that have served as inspiration, which are linked to in the "Links" section of the site. These influential comics include The Order of the Stick, Sorcery 101, SMBC, Narbonic, Girl Genius, Questionable Content, The Wotch, and, most especially, Daily Dinosaur Comics. As far as the artwork, I know my sister admires Misfile, which I really like too. Of course, there is a quite large number of webcomics related to magic, boarding, and schools, so Iíve tried to read as many of those as I can. Feel free to e-mail any more of these comics to me if they arenít in my links section. Maybe I should start a Magic Boarding Schools Association (MBSA)? Maybe later.

Logistical bits

The comic is written out pretty far in advance by me, and then it is given to Caila to draw at her own pace. The updates will be Saturdays and maybe Wednesdays as well, depending on how things go. Hopefully, comics will become more frequent and better as time goes by. Things should go smoothly until this summer, where it all depends on what the plans for the artist are. Iím sure if the comic becomes rather popular, though, that it will be more likely for updates to continue across the torrid season.

The Writer

Thatís me, Zane Blanton, a first-year student at Georgia Tech. I read a lot of webcomics now, and I would be reading more books and writing more but then thereís class and video games. I like comics and webcomics a whole lot, although I am not an expert by any means. I cannot draw with any degree of comprehensibility, even graphs, so itís lucky that I have a sister who enjoys doing this. In return, I am in charge of the website, so if youíre having problems, itís my fault. Iíll do my best to fix these issues if you would notify me of them in a manner that is not too confrontational and off-putting.

The Artist

There she is, or at least the image she would like to present to the world. She can write her own bio and put it here, but since I am the writer and in charge of the website, I can just do it myself. I can say sheís smart, can draw pretty well, and is learning to draw even better. Itís sad, though, that many of the people in her art class donít consider comics art. She reads a lot of fantasy novels, especially the cheesy kind written for teenage girls. She likes Korean stuff a lot, but she doesnít play Starcraft, only CS and Halo. (Her brother can totally take her in Halo though.)

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