Pearls of Mer

Comics about magic/school/magic school

Gunnerkrigg Court (the best one)
The Wotch (We have a feud with these guys)
Sorcery 101 (Author goes to SCAD)
Spirit Academy (from here down are the ones I don't really read)
The Welcoming Committee of Magic High (there are mermaids?)
Summoners (If I drew BSA, it might look like this)
No Room for Magic (this comic is quite late)
The Repository of Dangerous THings (Now it is the archive of Dangerous Things. In a good way.)
Educen Bacillus (couldn't stand this one)
Nowhere University (the art looks good at the end, but still, those grey fills)

Comics Zane reads, plus a couple for Caila

Narbonic: Director's Cut (it gets better)
Skin Horse (like Narbonic, but a current comic)
Basketcase Comix (it was funny one time, so I still read it)
Captain Excelsior (not for kids, but for those who love them)
Dresden Codak (I think he's a physicist, so I was too scared to finish it)
Flasky Pastry (author never responded to my email)
Order of the Stick and Battle for Gobwin Knob (OOTS is better)
Girl Genius (pretty pictures + steampunk = hott)
Girly (it's not supposed to make sense)
Goblins (how the monsters feel in D&D, but then it got a plot)
Strange Someone (Mia Paluzzi, why did you leave me?)
Kawaii Not (it is kawaii, but it's not really a comic)
Misfile (the hot girl is really a guy?)
Questionable Content (the characters are not so deprived anymore. inconsiderate)
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (I am Zach's friend on facebook, and Caila thinks he's cute. she hates his comic, though.)
Daily Dinosaur Comics (a great comic that reuses the same clip art comic EVERY DAY)
The Abominable Charles Christopher (the author is a professional comics illustrator. could you tell?)
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (greatest comic, nicest writer. I have a Dr. McNinja costume.)
The Book of Biff (funny, but in a really lame way)
Don't Read This Comic (I hate this comic, I hate Randall Munroe, but it is still really funny sometimes)


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