There are a number of people that have helped in the creation of this comic, but this list will be kept to the people who directly contributed to the material bits of this comic. Firstly, thank you Daniel French for providing inspiration in the form of your comic, Pearls of Mer, and for help with the coding of the webpage. (But if you think this comic looks lousy, please don't blame him. Instead, check out his comic and its stylish look here.) Also, we would like to thank Andrew Wilmot for editing the script for the comic and in mediating its transition to visual form. He is very close to both of the creators of this comic, but in different ways. Lastly, thank you, Josh Jang, for the artistic support that you've given in the form of author avatars and other contributions that are noted in the comics in which they appear.

And, here goes a thank you to anyone who has experienced this comic and yet continues to come back to it at certain intervals. What would we do without you? Nothing.

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