Writing by Zane Blanton
Artwork by Caila Blanton

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Eve has a sidebang! Semi-uniformed based on a drawing style used by Josh Jang in Waruto “Chp 4: The Truth.” I later decided to make her bang a solid color, making it necessary for me to go back and recolor (most) of them white or red. This is the first appearance of the over-used emotionless bench shot – originally in color, the file was corrupted by an untimely power cut – while in the process of saving. The bench shot is used in following comics with an overlay of heads/torsos with expression. :O In this strip I began to use different fonts for Eve and Aristotle. Though it was originally Strip 3, Strips 1&2 were cut. The green line on the hill by the castle is actually a pathway to the castle… A special “Thank You” to Josh Jang for his contribution of the artwork for Panel 3 entitled Spanish Book.

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